keskiviikko 22. elokuuta 2007

Hi everyone!

I promised to get this started ... and here we go! I hope Milley that you are starting yours too. :)

We have now finally moved to town and we are liking it a lot - and I seriously think we all are. Erkki is still VERY busy with moving his stuff around and getting it all organized, but Erica and I are setteling in great. Erica is loving her new school and she's found some friends there as well. She also got her braces on her upper teeth and will get them for her lower teeth this Friday. She's excited to get straight teeth eventually!! :)

All the activites are starting again, and life get busy. Erica continues with her piano lessons and her dancing (latin and formal dances). I am (Tarja) continuing with my Pilates and Method Putkisto, which by the way I'll be teaching at church too once a week, like last year as well. I would like to start those dance lessons with Erkki too, ... but I think that may take some time, because he is so busy right now.

Well ... may this be the beginning version of this, and ... as I learn more of how to use this, you'll be able to enjoy nicer pages as well. Maybe I'll even put some pictures here one of these days, who konws!! :)